• The Best Way to find Prospective Leads for your Business

    Ever wonder what you need to do to market your small business or your new startup? An important skill to master is to consistently build your list of prospective clients. If you cater to the same clientele over and over, your business will reach a stalemate and will start lacking innovation and fresh, creative ideas. So in order to keep your business alive, you need a new perspective which is brought by new clients.

    Here are 5 steps that you need to take to start off your prospect business skills.

    1. Focus on what your client wants

    When you market yourself, the skill to highlight is customer experience. Make it known to prospective clients that their opinion is valued and what they want is your first priority. Clients look for that kind of service that will cater first and foremost to their needs.

  • Lawrence Twombly, From Hockey Star to CEO

    Larry “Buzzy” Twombly remembers feeling angry, angry enough to want to get up and punch the driver of the Trans Am who’d just barreled through the stop sign at 70 miles an hour. Twombly had flown off his motorcycle and crashed through the windshield of the car that hit him, but he didn’t feel pain. Just anger.

    For a minute on that chilly, fall day in November 1984, he stood on his own. The Harvard freshman and athlete who’d already had been drafted by the National Hockey League was physically strong, and adrenaline gave him an extra rush. He tried to take a step and looked down.

    That’s when he realized his foot wasn’t really there. All that was holding it to his left leg were a few red veins and a tendon. His entire ankle, as well as his future as a professional hockey player, had been destroyed in that late afternoon motorcycle accident.

    The life-changing experience that left Twombly in a semi-conscious state for nearly two months was also the start of a new entrepreneurial career direction.

  • Leadership Traits

    “Leadership is practiced not so much in words as in attitude and action.” Good leaders are thus known to be people with a good attitude that puts them into action and helps them achieve their goals. So are you an entrepreneur, a leader of both? Let’s take a look at this TEDxLingnan University video where Anna Wong talks about the Feminine Traits That Make A Good Leader:

    Who are entrepreneurs and leaders?

    Entrepreneurs are defined as people with a set of skills that helps them identify a user need and provide solutions for it. Entrepreneurship is a skill which involves innovation, risk, creativity and strong marketing skills which a business entrepreneur must have to launch a business.

    Leaders, on the other hand, are people who not only help implement available resources in an effective manner but also motivate others for accomplishing a common task. It thus goes on to say that all entrepreneurs are not leaders, and all leaders necessarily not entrepreneurs. However, if an entrepreneur is a good leader also, the success rate of a venture becomes much higher.

  • How to Stop to Overcomplicate Your Life

    We overcomplicate our life when we feel emotional and psychological pressure to give away our identity every day. This especially true if you are doing something new, realizing your dream and become more visible.

    To avoid prejudice and discrimination, we try to protect our true identity, and this leads to overcomplicating our life, says Steve Gory, author of the GED lessons on Bestgedclasses, a website that offers online prep for high school dropouts. We often see this pattern between our students; he continues.

    We want to protect our identity because we know that:

    • Employers are hiring and firing based on people’s online activities.
    • Cyberbullies are taking advantage of those who reveal themselves as vulnerable.
    • Schools are denying admission based on ‘politically incorrect” behavior etc.

    And the results can be quite devastating at times. Gory says that many of their students quit high school because they life because so overcomplicated that leaving school was the only option.
    This is why having a plan of action is so important. You should be proactive rather than reactive when you are in battle.

  • Stealth Mode Startup and Multi-channel Customers

    The “store” is no longer at the mall, on the Web, or in a catalog–it’s wherever the customer is when he chooses to shop, browse, and buy. Consumers move seamlessly (and stealthily) from one channel to another when shopping. For you to be where they are, you need to be almost everywhere. So the stealth mode startup and multi-channel customers may very well connect in a positive way.

    Call it channel bundling. Nearly 60 percent of the most sophisticated shoppers find items they want online and purchase them in stores. That’s double the number who bundled channels this way in 20109, according to a study of the direct-to-consumer channel by our company, Peppers and Rogers Group, in partnership with the Institute for the Future.

    It’s easy to underestimate the impact of channel bundling in the shopping process if you focus only on actual sales or transactions. Increasing your share of a customer’s business requires much more than measuring every transaction. It means remembering how a customer likes to shop. Channel-bundling consumers have more power over the total shopping process. They are controlling everything from the price they pay to how and when goods and services are delivered, and how they’re billed.

  • Seven Magic Words That Will Change Your Life

    Were you ever told something as a kid and…suddenly…you remember it as an adult? I was recently reminded of a message I heard when I was young. It was reinforced one Sunday morning in church for me a few years ago. This message is only seven words but has the power to change your life. Normally, I don’t like making statements like that. But in this case, I’m making an exception. Here are the Seven Magic Words:

    You Have Not Because You Ask Not.”

    Doesn’t get much simpler. I am often asked the following:

    • Question: How were you able to get education?  Answer: I asked, I asked for help
    • Question: How were you able to raise capital for your businesses? Answer: I asked.
    • Question: How are you able to sell through the mail? Answer: I ask for the sale.

    Oversimplification? Perhaps. But I don’t think so. When I first started out in business with vending machines, I would come home after going on sales calls and sulk. I did everything but ask for the sale. Presented the features and benefits. Proved beyond doubt, my service was good.

  • The Psychology of ME (according to reliable internet sources)

    Capgras delusion is a disorder in which a person holds a delusion that a friend, spouse, parent, or another close family member (or pet) has been replaced by an identical-looking impostor.

    I started the day off doing a favor for a complete stranger. I took a Brain Lateralization Test and then answered some questions about algebra. Sounds interesting, doesn’t it?

    Well, it was! I LOVE taking tests about my brain, personality, or addictions. As messed up as I feel, I find it comforting to know that there’s an actual name for what’s wrong with me. It’s almost as good as finding out there’s nothing wrong with me.

    So, after I completed this test and helped someone finish a research project and quite possibly graduate, I looked for more psychological tests to take. I got some VERY interesting results.

    Brain Lateralization Test (Took 2 different ones to make sure): Right Brain (42%, 44%) Left Brain (54%, 56%)

    “Left brainers” are orderly, articulate, and literal. They can understand directions or anything logical or explicit. They have trouble comprehending emotions and abstract concepts. They doubt anything that is not stated or proven.

  • Startup Sequence – the Spark of Authenticity

    Well, I sure do feel better after my last post!! Lots of yummy yoga, deep belly breathing, mindfulness, setting intentions, fresh air, presence and having fun in the kitchen will do that to a girl. My inspiration and general excitedness is filling me up once again and it feels good and right. So let’s look at the last decade’s Startup Sequence – the Spark of Authenticity.

    I had a huge smile on my face on the ride home from yoga last night. I felt exceptionally calm and strong. I could literally feel the release of the worry, stress, and anxiety. My creative mind opened and started exploding with ideas like kombucha that has been shaken a little too much. I felt the deepest connection to my authenticity.

    Authenticity might just be my favorite word. I love everything it represents and how it makes me feel deep within my soul. It encapsulates everything I believe in the most. Which is why I was so excited was I when I saw that Authenticity was this month’s Self Discovery, Word by Word.

  • 3 Considerations To Keep In Mind When You Work From Home

    Working at home is an option many people seek in order to improve family life, cut transportation costs and provide a certain amount of schedule flexibility. All of these benefits have appeal to the working single mom. Figuring out how to accomplish this career objective can get a little complex because there are both numerous options and numerous work-at-home scams out there.

    Telecommuting is a work at home option that allows you to work for a company from the comfort of your home. You are still an employee with responsibilities, duties, and benefits. You will likely be required to work a specific schedule and to meet deadlines just as if you worked on site.

    The benefits are the reduced costs: transportation, office attire, lunch, and other expense money. You also save the time you would have used to commute to and from work. It does give you more time to be home and around your children.

  • Yoga Lessons: Releasing Expectation

    I was in the midst of my yoga practice like any other day.

    On that particular day, I had a new instructor. She was very enthusiastic and very tough. At one point, she started talking about the benefits of plank. “Oh, no,” I thought. She stated that it is the best pose to tone and strengthen the whole body, “so into plank!”

    My initial thought: “UGH! Nooo, plank sucks ASS!”

    I caught myself by surprise with that one. I admit, I don’t have the best thoughts when plank comes around, but this one I heard loud and clear. I thought, well what does this set me up for? Not a pleasant experience I can tell you that.

    As I was pondering my reaction, I was miserably tolerating plank. I couldn’t differentiate between what I was feeling and what I was thinking. Which one caused the other? And what makes this pose any more challenging than the others? When I stand in Warrior II through shaking legs I feel a discomfort, but one that aids me in creating inner stillness. There is no inner stillness with plank.