Find Your Passion

“Ask not what the world needs. Ask what makes you come most alive, and do that.  Because what the world needs, is more people who have come alive.” -Thomas Merton

Connecting to what makes you you is so important, if not the most important thing, in living a healthy, happy life.

Right before I decided to change my diet, I felt completely disconnected with myself. I lost most of what was me and felt totally off balance. I didn’t really know why, or how to fix it but I inherently knew something was off and was miserable with the cycle of the everyday.

All free time outside of work was spent eating, drinking, or on the couch watching TV. Lost, I turned to food to find my balance. This was keeping me even more bogged down and was ultimately the cause and relief of all my problems. I knew that I needed to find myself again, reignite my abandoned passions and discover new ones.

Most of the time when people feel this way, or hear this, they say: “Well, I don’t have any passions,” or “I don’t know what I even love.” I’ve felt this way before and hearing it from others hurts my heart. Of course you do!!

There is always something that makes your heart sing, or puts a little extra bounce in your step, or that you can’t stop thinking about. If you find yourself in this disconnect, hopeless, here are the things that I found helped me.

Clear Out the Gunk

This is the most important of them all and what I plan on dedicating myself in helping others to do. When we plug back into the natural order of things by eating real food, we realize how far gone from nature, and ourselves, we actually are. Eat processed junk and your mind is cloudy and filled with junk; eat whole, unprocessed food and you are more whole and clear-minded.

I saw that by getting back to nature with what I put in my body I was, in essence, getting back to my natural (true) self. For me, ironically, food was one of my many passions. I was just using it in all of the wrong ways. After de-gunking, I remembered how much cooking made me happy. I discovered how much cooking (and uncooking!) real, whole food made me even happier.

I discovered how much I loved the power of nutrition and how much I wanted others to see its power. When the fog cleared, all that was left was mental clarity and a clearer path to my heart.

It doesn’t matter what your passion actually is, but nourishing yourself from the inside out helps you remember (or discover) what it is. This doesn’t have to be a drastic change and you don’t have to make a complete diet 180 in order to experience benefits.

Just start by adding some real food to every meal and eventually the ratio of whole food to non will tip further and further in a more positive direction. You’ll begin to notice the difference in your thoughts depending on how you eat and will naturally crave the good stuff.


No fire is going to start burning while you’re sitting on your couch. If you want to ignite something in yourself, you need to get out there and experience! Breathe more fresh air, get more vitamin D and do a whole bunch of random shit. One of my favorite bloggers, Chris Guillebeau of The Art of Non-Conformity recently wrote a guest post on Zen Habits and also talked about the act of doing.

…learn a language. Write a book. Take a trip. Learn to walk on hot coals. Enroll in trapeze school. Volunteer.

I agree! Do anything! My favorite are of the creative nature, but I also enjoy (and encourage) things that are completely terrifying, like going skydiving or taking a trapeze class.

The more you do, the more something is bound to strike a chord, or at the very least lead you in the right direction. Which brings me to…

Follow the Signs

The universe (God, etc.) isn’t going to let you live a life without passions. It’s going to do everything in its power to aid you in discovering what it is you’re meant to do. Don’t ignore the light posts along the way. Listen to your intuition. I also highly recommend reading The Alchemist by Paulo Coelho.

All you have to do is to pay attention: lessons always arrive when you are ready, and if you can read the signs, you will learn everything you need to know in order to take the next step. ~ Paulo Coelho