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The Good Grades Guide Review

Quite frankly, Hans Wellman M.Ed. has got a sense of humor and isn’t afraid to use it.  The Good Grades Guide had me laughing on the first page and that kept me turning the pages.

Wellman has packed the Good Grades Guide will solid, scientifically backed information that students and teachers can apply that night for more successful studying.

The Good Grades Guide helps students discover how they learn best and the most effective study strategies specifically for them.  Wellman also explains how your brain retains information and gives specific tips on how to study.

In the Good Grades Guide Wellman covers all of the ground students need to become more successful and achieve the goals they set for themselves.

Wellman teaches you how to:

– Identify your “study persona” and how to maximize your strengths.

– The 3 categories for memory and how to use your brain effectively.

– Study tricks that help you learn and retain information.

– Different note taking techniques that will help you remember.

– The pitfalls of the study group and how to set one up the right way.

It is all the stuff he has learned through research and experience.  He can show you how to become a successful student with the Good Grades Guide.

Good Grades Guide Review – What I Liked

Despite my initial skepticism, I liked the Good Grades Guide more than I anticipated.  First, because it is funny and presents the material in an entertaining way.  This doesn’t mean it is fluff material.

Wellman takes you through personal learning styles, how the brain works and gives specific ways to apply memory and focus most effectively.  Wellman doesn’t just cover the science of learning.

He goes into real detail on how to apply the science to studying and learning with concrete examples.  The Good Grades Guide could be considered a how-to book for learning.

The Good Grades Guide Review – What I Didn’t Like

With all of the information in the book, there are only 8 chapters.  I think Wellman could have broken the information down and organized the book into smaller chapters.  I have read the book and gone back to reference an example for a lesson.  If the chapters were shorter, then everything would be easier to find.

Perhaps others would read The Good Grades Guide once and pass it on, but I think there is a lot of valuable material in the book.  I think teachers should include some of the techniques Wellman details in their classes.  All of their students would certainly benefit.

The Good Grades Guide – Overall Thoughts

I enjoyed The Good Grades Guide and highly recommend it. Wellman has written in an engaging and funny way on a topic that could put anyone to sleep.

If you have ever been curious about how your brain learned information or how you could maximize your study time with effective study techniques, then you should read The Good Grades Guide.  You will read it will a smile on your face!