• Seven Magic Words That Will Change Your Life

    Were you ever told something as a kid and…suddenly…you remember it as an adult? I was recently reminded of a message I heard when I was young. It was reinforced one Sunday morning in church for me a few years ago. This message is only seven words but has the power to change your life. Normally, I don’t like making statements like that. But in this case, I’m making an exception. Here are the Seven Magic Words:

    You Have Not Because You Ask Not.”

    Doesn’t get much simpler. I am often asked the following:

    • Question: How were you able to get education?  Answer: I asked, I asked for help
    • Question: How were you able to raise capital for your businesses? Answer: I asked.
    • Question: How are you able to sell through the mail? Answer: I ask for the sale.

    Oversimplification? Perhaps. But I don’t think so. When I first started out in business with vending machines, I would come home after going on sales calls and sulk. I did everything but ask for the sale. Presented the features and benefits. Proved beyond doubt my service was good.


  • Holy Awkwardness Batman

    Today was a busy day. I was on the road at 8:30 am and didn’t get home until 10:30.  I’m exhausted. First a coworker asked me to drive him down to DC to drop off a car that needed to be made accessible.  We then had to take the Amtrak back to Baltimore followed by a cab ride back to my coworker’s parking lot so I could pick up my car.  Then my coworker and his wife offered to take me to lunch.

    I then had to run home and pick up D.  I then took him to Walmart to pick up a gift and went off to a (hard to explain) mini early work related Christmas party (don’t ask).

    THEN, D and I had been invited to a holiday party, so off we go to Columbia (30 min away) for their party. We walk in … and the hostess says hi … the host doesn’t bother getting up.  D and I get a drink and sit down … and talk to ourselves.

  • Make Friends With Fear

    Last night I heard a commercial for an insurance company that said something to the affect of, “taking the ‘scared’ out of life.” I spent a lot of time ruminating about fear this weekend and had to laugh at the ridiculousness of that statement.

    Life is absolutely not about eliminating your fear. It’s not about waiting until you’re no longer afraid. Or, working at getting over it.

    It is about co-existing with fear and doing what you’re most afraid of anyway.

    We all have fears. We all especially have fears that prevent us from doing what we want (or are called) to do. I realized on Sunday that I (and you!) will always have fear (duh).

    There is no magical pill that is going to make it go away. Of course, things will get easier and maybe your fear for that particular thing will dissolve, but then there will be a new fear facing you head on.

  • The Right Wing Elevates An Obscure Solar Scientist To The Status Of Climate Change Expert

    A few weeks ago I wrote only semi-jokingly that Big Oil had resorted to hiring little-known overseas scientists to bolster its latest propaganda campaign on global warming: Yes, we finally admit that global warming is happening, but it’s happening because of … the Sun!

    Unable to purchase the opinion of any prominent American scientists—after all, their reputation would be ruined for taking money to promote a false view—the right wing had to offshore its propaganda.

    The obscure scientist in question is Habibullo Adbussamotov, head of space research at Russia’s Pulkovo Astronomical Observatory. He claims that the current rise in Earth’s average temperature is caused not by greenhouse gases or any other terrestrial source but by increased energy being emitted by the Sun. The proof, he claims, is in NASA data on Mars, which shows that the Martian ice caps have been receding over the past 3 years.

    However, from the papers that Adbussamotov has published over the years, although he appears to know a thing or two about solar phenomena, he’s definitely no expert on Earth’s climate:

    • A search with Google Scholar turns up 29 papers, ranging in date from 1971 to the present.
    • All of those papers deal either with the Sun’s behavior or with techniques for observing the Sun from Earth.
    • Not one paper deals with Earth’s climate, let alone the subject of global climate change.
  • To a Life of Love

    1) Today marks my 26th year on this beautiful earth!


    2) After three years in the corporate world and 26 years of knowing that I’m not a corporate, 9-5, cubicle person I have officially QUIT!!!!!!!! My last day is January 31st.

    There are three things I know:

    • it is your absolute right to fill your day with love
    • you deserve to have passionate, purposeful “work”
    • you deserve to wake up excited for each and every day

    These things have been completely lacking in my life so I made a plan. Well, I’m taking my 401K retirement fund and running! (Disclaimer: I don’t condone this. Maybe I do.)

    I’m choosing to trust what my heart is telling me and taking a huge leap of faith. I don’t know exactly what my future holds, but I do know it is going to be bright, amazing and filled with love!

    I urge you to ask yourself. If you’re not happy with how you spend the bulk of your time, what can you do to change it? Hint: “nothing,” “I have no choice,” and “impossible” are not involved.

  • Journals and Self Love

    Hello lovies! I’m so excited that tomorrow is Thursday, because that means I’m one day closer to my trip to NY!!!! I’m originally from Long Island and am going home for a whole 10 days! That means one whole week of vacay AND I’m celebrating my cousin’s wedding AND I’m a bridesmaid. I can’t wait!

    I have lots of exciting things on the agenda so next week should be a fun one to say the least. And a hot one I’m sure since I’ve been hearing horror stories of 100 degrees plus humidity. What’s humidity? I think I’ve blocked that out of my memory.

    Last night I did something I haven’t done in a long time. In almost a year to be exact, and it felt gooood.

    Get your mind outta the gutter.


    I never journaled every day or even every week, but only when I felt moved to write. Last night I had the urge so I dug out my little book and wrote and wrote and wrote.

  • When the Channel is Blocked

    I found the following quote in one of my favorite books ever: The Red Book: A Deliciously Unorthodox Approach to Igniting Your Divine Spark by Sera Beak.

    “There is a vitality, a life force, a quickening that is translated through you into action. And because there is only one of you in time, this expression is unique. And if you block it, it will never exist through any other medium and be lost. The world will not have it. It is not your business to determine how good it is: nor how it compares with other expressions. It is your business to keep it yours, clearly and directly. To keep the channel open” ~Martha Graham

    I’m re-reading this fabulous book because I have a situation. My channel is blocked.

    When this channel is blocked I feel lost, irritated and on edge. I start to question myself, get annoyed with others easily and wonder what the point is. I lose touch with my creativity and can’t find the inspiration to act or express my truest self. See why it’s a situation?

    The silly thing about being in this place is that it invites you in and has that comfortable familiarity. It’s tricky like that. It makes you want to stay for a while and get settled in.

  • Rock ‘n a Marathon

    So, I’m training for a marathon – the San Diego Rock ‘n Roll marathon to be exact.

    I’m doing this with Team in Training to benefit the Leukemia and Lymphoma Society in memory of my mother who passed away from lymphoma when I was five.

    Knowing that I am playing a part in bettering the lives of others like my mother really does help when it’s 5:30am on a Saturday morning, dark out and all I can think about is pressing “dismiss” rather than “snooze”… accidentally.  Still, the fact that I’m training for a marathon is absolutely freakin crazy to me.  I remember 3 years ago I couldn’t even run for a minute straight and got shin splints attempting to work up to a mile!!!

    Humbling to say the least.  On Saturday, I ran 18 miles!!  18!  I never thought in a million years that could be possible.  It is so fun to see that hard work and dedication actually does pay off.

    Who knew?!  Still, Saturday was one of the most physically and emotionally exhausting days of my LIFE!!  I pretty much felt every emotion that could possibly be felt during those couple (ok, maybe more than a couple ) of hours.  We do our Saturday long runs together where our course is mapped out and aid stations are set up for us along the way.  Yesterday was the EPIC train run.

  • Let Go and Go With the Flow

    First off, Happy Mother’s Day to all the mommas out there!! Here is a picture of my mother when she was 14, wasn’t she beautiful??

    I’m very blessed to be able to run the marathon in her memory and raise money for the The Leukemia and Lymphoma Society at the same time. I’m also very blessed to have the BEST grandmother (g-ma) in the world that raised me and taught me so so much. Thank you Gram for everything you’ve done for me!!!! Your support and encouragement to always follow my heart and do what makes me happy is something that I’ll carry with me forever. Love you!!!

    I’m so excited to share some exciting news with you, but first I want to talk about letting go. It’s not rare for something to happen in life that throws us off course – usually our common reaction is to freak out, kick and scream, stomp and pout. “But, this wasn’t supposed to happen!!!”

    If something like this happens there are only two things you can do: change it, or accept it. If changing it is an option, then DO IT! Only we have the power to make changes in our lives, and we DO have the power, so take action and choose to be happy! If changing it is not an option, then the following helps to find some peace with the situation:

  • Who Needs Prop 19 When You Have Sugar


    In honor of yesterday, Election Day, I have a new Prop I would like to see on the ballot.

    Prop VI (Very Important) Federal law prohibits all manufacturers to put refined sugar in anything, ever. This extends to sugars derived from corn, or anything else that should not end up as sugar, ever. Violators will be issued a $1 trillion fine that will be distributed among organic farmers, school systems, all that is good, etc.

    Forget Prop 19, sugar is the biggest, baddest drug there is.

    Why? Because it is in virtually every processed food out there and because the majority of America is addicted to it and has absolutely no idea.

    To truly understand sugar’s drug-like affect, let’s have a little biology lesson. When you eat sugar (or any refined carb that turns into sugar) your blood sugar level skyrockets.

    This signals your pancreas to pump out some insulin to get it back down and to get the sugar moving into your tissues. Excess sugar gets stored in your fat cells. At this point your blood sugar dips loooow and you CRASH! 3 pm snoozies, anyone? Withdrawal, anyone? Holy moly, all you need at this point is some more SUGAR!! So, the cycle begins again.

    You may be thinking: “So what? If my pancreas is working properly, my blood sugar level gets lowered and all is good.” Wrong.