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Secrets to improving your confidence

I have been doing a series on the secrets to improving your confidence. This fourth article reveals the secret of speaking up.

As someone is considering working from home as one of the ways to earn extra money confidence is key. The level of your success is directly tied to your level of confidence. People naturally want to follow confident people.

In a legitimate home Internet business, you will receive training on many aspects of marketing in theory. However, there will come a time when you will have to speak to someone who wishes to join you in your business.

Most people have a level of discomfort when talking to someone interested in joining their business opportunity. This is perfectly natural. The situation is similar to attending a meeting in a ‘job’ or say a conference. The Chairperson or Speaker finishes and asks if there are any questions? In a lot of cases, there are none.

However then often something really interesting happens. Outside the meeting, people gather in groups and start to discuss it or at a conference type event people will seek out the speaker to speak to them on a 1 to 1 basis.

Most psychologists are in agreement the reason for this is ‘fear’. People wish to avoid seeming foolish by asking a question. So in many instances, the session ends a bit ‘flat’. You would be doing a big favor to the Chairperson or Presenter if you just asked any question, no matter how important you feel it is. This is because other people will warm up and start to ask questions.

To build your confidence in time for speaking to your first genuinely interested lead practice asking questions at meetings you attend or on online meetings and webinars. This will help you feel more confident at speaking up and a reserve of confidence to draw on when speaking to someone 1 to 1.

So get into the habit of speaking up to build your confidence. If you get the chance listen to training calls that cover how to speak or present to a group. In a 1 to 1 situation when you have developed the confidence to open the conversation you then need to be confident to allow the other person to do most of the talking. However, you should never lose control of the conversation. So you need to keep the conversation on track. All this requires confidence and you will be amazed how quickly your confidence grows from the simple act of ’speaking up’.