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Have you seen Sharkwater? It made me cry


Bring out the Charles Darwin in you – today! This isn’t the most timely post but if you give a shit about nature, which ultimately means you give a shit about yourself, you will find this very interesting.

UNC professor Pat Davison unveiled his latest multimedia project today called “Living Galapagos.” Coined as the “first in-depth multimedia project to examine the impact of humans in the Galapagos Islands,” this Flash-based project is definitely a sight to see. Davison traveled with 21 students and four coaches to document the stories, people, places and facts of the islands.

This is probably my dream project. Great sound, video, and photo, plus it’s all wrapped up in a slick map. My only complaint is in conjunction with Innovative Interactivity’s review in that it could use a navigation bar, but it’s easy enough to work around. The beauty of this piece just furthers my impatience with learning Flash better as these are the kind of projects I want to be working on but I am getting better – I think.

Have you seen Sharkwater? It made me cry more than Cinema Paradiso and that is saying a lot. The film, of course, discussed sharks but also investigated various aquatic issues. In particular, the narrative focused on the perils of longline fishing, which is illegal in certain parts of the world.

It’s a commercial form of fishing that can have thousands of baited hooks attached to its length which can reach up to 60 miles. Animals get hooked and tangled, and most are not the targets of the fisherman and are discarded so they died for no reason whatsoever. It’s fishing for lazy, greedy assholes basically.

Longline fishing used to be enforced in the Galapagos waters because it is/WAS a protected ecosystem, but it’s so lucrative that the government has recently allowed the dangerous and inhumane technique to begin decimating their sea and bird life. Turtles, seals, seabirds, sharks, and even dolphins are slaughtered by these lines every day. I said DOLPHINS, people, DOLPHINS. They are cute.

I am glad this project will bring attention to these types of issues and besides all this icky stuff, the imagery is vivid and gorgeous. I’d lovelovelove to participate in a similar multimedia project about the Falkland Islands because I am totally obsessed with it and have Google Earth’ed that bitch so many times I know it better than my own neighborhood. So…that’s my PSA. Check it out and hug a tree today.